Firework warfare seems to have started in Sweden

Rocket unit of Hamas in the picture.

Firework warfare is escalating towards the end of the year. In Kristianstad the fire department was ambushed with concentrated fire of fireworks. Fires extinguishing had to be stopped.

Events began at 7.30 pm Friday evening, when the dumpster was set on fire in Bataljonsvägen. When fire department arrived to the scene, they were ambushed by fireworks launched at them. Firemen had to withdraw from the battle because they were overpowered and outnumbered by the enemy fighters. 

After this firemen called the police for rescue and several patrols came to give supporting fire. At one point it looked that officials pool is going to be the underdog, caused by fireworks shoot at police too. Only enemys running out of the ammunition turned the scale for the police and firemen and they managed to get situation under control.

There were no casulties, enemys accuracy was a bit off this time.

Rickard Lundqvist from Kristianstad’s police headquarters tells to SVT, that at first the enemy had fire superiority, tens of youngsters took part in this fireworks-attack.

– It is very serious offence that fire department is attacked this way trying to help and rescue.
It is very unpleasant, fireworks attack is almost like being shoot at with a gun.

These fireworks attacks against officials surface every now and then, becoming a bigger problem. New years fireworks attacks continued for weeks in many places across Sweden couple years a go.

Fireworks attack against the police in Malmö too.

There has been fighting in the battlefronts of Malmö too. Group of enemy fighters attacked the police with fireworks and homemade bangers in the city center of Malmö. Police got several calls after 9.30 pm on friday-night from Johannes’s school in the center of Malmö where group of youngsters were causing rockious and rumble. Youths were throwing fireworks and firecrackers towards people passing by.

Couple units of police came to the scene and the resistance was fearce. Enemy combatants wouldn’t back up an inch at first and started the fireworks attack. When police officials started counter attack the enemy group withdrew and fled the battle ground. At that time police unit started to follow two fleeing youngsters and they were captured.

Criminal report was written and the youngsters will be held and taken to these ”seriousness talks” some time in the future.

Tässä tilanteessa poliisipartio lähti seuraamaan kahta nuorukaista ja heidät saatiin otettua vangiksi. Asiasta tehtiin rikosilmoitus ja nuorukaiset joutunevat aikanaan vastuuseen teoistaan eli vakavuuskeskusteluun.

-Juhani Berg

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30.12.2018 12:07

That’s why fireworks are to be denied in Finland too. Those bloody migrant parasites are the reason, not safety of local people as some ”authorities” claim.