Africano missed the ship, racism

There is many shapes and forms of racism. There’s the playing with the ”n-word” for example. And there’s a real, genuine racism, where person experiences injustice and teeth grinding.

One of these injustice racism cases is to be found in Aftonbladet, which opens day in day out this kind of racism to its readers. Neoswede africano entourage had desided to take a boat trip. Sea cruise was bought to Viking Line’s Amorella. Neoswede’s party included 4 adults and 15 minors.

Everything was going smoothly, until the racism entered to the picture.
Story continues. Everybody made it to the ship barely on time, except one mother who missed the boat. She tells that she was trying to find a parking space for her car. While she was searching for the parking spot, the ship hoisted its sails, raised its anchor and sailed away, mother was left on shore. 15 children and 3 adults got on board.

Mother says that Viking Line is showing racism towards her. Why the ship couldn’t wait while she parked the car. Surely 2 000 passengers can wait that time. Mother tried to make the ship return and take her on board, but Viking Line refused. Mother says that the fact that her kids entered the ship without her was most extreme racism. Entourage went on board guided by three adults. Mother says that ships personnel should have checked that her kids wouldn’t enter the ship without her.

Viking Line states to Aftonbladet that they run on a tight schedule. It’s unfortunate that one person was left on shore, but after the departure, ship can’t return, because there is another ship coming in to the dock.

-Juhani Berg

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Viking Line should’ve said that no way a big ship with 2000 passengers can wait for one person what ever the person’s skin color or background. And that has absolutely nothing to do with racism. Why do we let these newcomers do this?

It's all about racism of course

Yes I agree, but it’s still racism if big passenger ship doesn’t turn back to pick up late nigger.

kakki tajuavat Hesarin suvakki epätoivon

Rafa tuomittiin syyttömänä vankilaan raiskauksesta – Väärä tuomio vei perheen, vapauden ja elämänhalun
Noin kuusi vuotta sitten Rafa joutui vankilaan 16-vuotiaan Sannan raiskauksesta. Joulukuussa 2018 korkein oikeus purki tuomion, koska Sanna tunnusti valehdelleensa raiskauksesta. Rafa sanoo tapahtumien vieneen häneltä kaiken, ennen kaikkea unelmat.
Mietikää millä tyyylillä hesari yritää valkopyykata näitä matu pedofilen rikosta
härskia toimintaa yritää uhriutaa näitä mamuja toisessa jutussa
kakki tajuavat tämän hesarin pointin mihin he pyrkivät


The most important point is that this ”lady” took for granted that the boat would waite just for her or turn around to fetch her. No-one of us ordinary ”potato-nosed” citizens would ever imagine things like that or complain in the same way.


Ships do have a reverse gear, don’t they? And a red carpet ready for the victims of racism.