City of Gothenburg wants easier mortgages to its disturbed suburban areas


City of Gothenburg has started strange negotiations with banks to find a way to get easier mortgages. City of Gothenburg has met several biggest banks for finding a solution to get easier mortgages especially to migrant filled distressed suburban areas, according the Swedish radio.

News of the SR is incoherent. It says:

City of Gothenburg’s real estate engineer Marin Öbo tells:

-Let’s take for example distressed area like Gårdsten or Tynnered. There is usually financial capital for mortgages, but it’s not in the bank. Money is held by families or extended families. In this situation I believe that we can help big banks to understand different conditions in different areas.

Now the question is that what has these negotiations been with the banks?
Does this mean that neoswedes can bring their money for mortgage in plastic bags?

Ordinary swede needs to explain the origins on every saving amount over 10 000 krone (1000 euros), where does these neoswede families pull out their receipts? Sums for the mortgages are at least 100 000 krone. Does neoswede families even have to prove the origins of the ”family money” and show receipts?

-Juhani Berg

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