Asylum-activists mascots accused of rape in Jyväskylä Finlan

Congregation’s own yellow vests.

Tomorrow continues rape trial in Central Finland’s district court. Main charges are aggravated rapes, accused are two refugees of war Abbas Mohammad Ramazan and Parvi Arkan.

Backgrounds of the deeds are still unknown, but the term “aggrevated rape” gives some idea of what’s been happening. Charges as these tell that violence is used in these acts or the victim is a child/minor or the deed has been unusually brutal. In this case the victim is probably a high school student, looking the backgrounds of these offenders.

Interesting point in this case is that Abbas and Parvi have been refuge-activists mascots, they were shown around couple years a go as “well accultured” refugees of war. Asylum center in Jämsä Finland accommodated many young men at that time. Jämsän Seutu wrote many delightful articles of these two accused rapists, they were enthusiastic floorball and football players. Sports connected local people and these “refugees”. News paper article tells that local people are curious towards these asylum seekers.

In this case these rapists weren’t circulated in kinter gardens, they were brought to the other end of the spectre, to the old people’s homes.
Abbas has been keeping company to old folks in a local nursing home.
He wasn’t just nobody, he knew how to cut grass too. Old folks hair cutting have been practised too, tells Iltasanomat in its article.

The young men tell in this article that they’ve been victims of racism too. Little bit. Some man had said naughty things and one has been pretending spitting at them. That made these refugees of war scared. Article tells that when they came to the refugee center, they were teached the ways how to behave in Finland. In Abbas’s and Parvi’s case acculturing seems to be failing. Or maybe they didn’t intend the class which told the correct manners in Finland.

Notable thing in this case is the fact that these young refugees have been tending hghschool so the victim might be a high school girl.

We’ll stay tuned with this case.

-Juhani Berg

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