Malmö's taxiwar in short syllabus


Malmö’s on going taxiwars haven’t been payed attention. When you get the knowledge of this taxi war, you get the basic idea of the basically every business areas where ever these people from the third countries are running the show, it’s the same battle zones every one of them.

The sum of on going taxiwars during autumn and winter time are as follows:

  • 22nd of October two cabs were burned down in Rosengård
  • 23rd of October one taxi company’s windows were shot to pieces, at least 8 bullets went inside the office.
  • 2nd of November one taxi driver was shoot at in the cab. Driver survived this murder attempt, he took several hits to his arm.
  • 28th of November taxicab on the move was shoot at, bullets missed, misfired bullets were found from the wall of the daycare center near by.
  • 11th of December 4 taxicabs were burned.
  • 12th of December the final taxi drive (a hearse) was ordered for one 51-year old multicriminal running the taxi company, he was shot dead. Man was leaving in the morning hours from inner courts door as one or several shooters emptied couple clips of bullets to his back.
    Man was told be Malmö’s underworlds king pin, so no harm was basically done.

Couple nights a go was two cabs burned again. Both cars were owned by the dead king pins company.

Notable fact is that 51-year old king pin was charged on murder as well, but court set him free. On one taxi company’s grounds one person was shot dead back in 2011. Murder is still unsolved as this king pin was set free.
New suspect haven’t been found.

The other taxi companys targeted on arsons are small or middle sized, couple cars up to ten cars companys. One company was driving school transports by a contract with the city of Malmö. Cars were burning shortly after this. City has terminated the contract after this, because city officials think that it is unsafe to transport children in this companys cabs.
Contract was given to bigger company next. Taxi company’s bosses are burning cabs and shooting each others.

These taxiwars are taking place simply because these neoswedes are jealous and competing with each other. They try to run the rival companys out of business. Model comes from their home countries where it’s quite normal to use these kind of methods, arsons, murders and intimidation.

Similar field of business’s where this kind of ”different competition” occurs is home care business. There are several small home care companys
established in Stockholm’s area. Business idea is very simple. Somalis are starting companys for taking care of elderly Somalis, Iraqis for tending Iraqis, Pakistanis tending Pakistanis and so on.

Because the city is guaranteed payer of bills, little over billing goes unnoticed easily, so the competition is now turning fierce. City will pay the bills for sure as long as they take care of their own grannies as they normally do. In other words the money is for free.

Notable thing with the car burning is the fact that these are usually home care firms cars burning, more often than cars in other fields of experties.
This only shows that neighbouring home care firms are trying to get rival companys billing customers to it self.

Not to mention the pizzawars. The competition and driving the rivals out of business doesn’t differ from the drug market’s territorial pissing. Means and the ways are the same. Clips and the barrels of the guns are blazing red hot as ammunition is delivered to the surrounding world. Gun powder smells, corpses are piling up.

The competition and the means how to do it comes straight from the third countries.

-Juhani Berg

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