Sweden's transportation workers union keeps on sacking Sweden democrats

Sweden’s transportation workers union has reputation already firing active Sweden democrat’s members. Same situation continues.

One man living in Klippan received a letter from transportation workers union which says:

– You being active in Sweden democrats and being reserve council man in Klippan’s municipal council, section 14 has decided to fire you from Sweden’s transportation workers union. 

The reason for this sacking is simple, being active member in Sweden democrats.

Reflecting on this case, you understand why normos don’t tell their opinions, especially if it is about immigration politics. In this case, small towns Sweden democrat’s council man got fired. Transportation workers union have been firing SD’s council men before this incident. There are cases too where firing has happened only because someone is sharing SD’s views in F

acebook, not taking part of politics with SD.

-Juhani Berg

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The spirit of Stalin lives in Sweden. Political correctness is a high-way to a totalitarian government.