Iltalehti: Refugees of war have disappeared from Oulu's cityscape

How to write a deranged “news piece”?  First you need a good portion of biased agenda, then pity, and pretending and finally on top of the cake hatfull of pure shit.

Iltalehti tells that Oulu’s popular shopping center Valkea have deflated of foreign/immigrant men after rape incidents came to puplics knowledge. 
Oulu city’s multicultural coordinator Priyanka Sood tells in Iltalehti’s article that there is fewer foreign men loitering in Valkea’s mall. She tells that these men are afraid of going to bars because there might be hatred towards them. 

Now for the readers who don’t know the city of Oulu, Valkea’s mall is the worst place where racial strangers are roaming and picking up young girls. Young women of Oulu doesn’t get a minutes rest of these men stalking them over there. It’s the matter of foreign adult men persecuting and systematically haunting young girls. This ain’t no innocent child’s play and eye flirtation. At least one of Oulu’s rape victims, a young girl has been lured to apartment by these racial strangers where she was raped. 

On going situation in Valkea has been pure, systemic persecution of the little girls. Men of foreign background are following girls, making smacking sounds and humping against the girls like dogs in heat. Men might also follow girls to the toilets/restrooms and won’t leave when they’ve told to. 

Finnish teenagers and young adults spend time in Valkea too, like people that age normally do, it’s a meeting place. It’s important to know that these men from third countries exploiter this situation. They invade as adults these teenager’s circles with their sexual propositions, maybe offering pot, to make these girls shagging trees for them. Young boys doesn’t have capacity or means to defend the girls against these aggressive grownup foreign men

The youths are left to cope this situation all alone, by themselfs, in Valkea (situation is the same in every big shopping mall In Finland) – against these racial strangers who act and think these girls as whores. 

From Finnish girl’s perspective, it’s only a good thing that these men from third countries have disappeared from Valkea. This increases security of the girls. 

If you wan’t to have a taste of this on going epidemic, you can visit any bigger shopping mall in Finland and see it yourself. Same thing is happening everywhere. In center of Helsinki you can find this kind of action in Kamppi’s shopping mall for example. Men from third countries are preying and hitting on little girls. 

Iltalehti continues:

– Finland is a forerunner of fighting the violence against women. 
This according the multicultural coordinator and Iltalehti. 
Coordinator is giving her thoughts of where Finland is going, now with this increase of violence towards women. 

-We got worried of this situation and wondered if the system can protect these young girls, multicultural coordinator tells. 

What on earth Iltalehti is writing? Many young girls have been raped In Oulu, there is over ten men from third countries sitting behind bars at the moment accused and suspects of these rapes. In addition, it’s common knowledge that these men are preying young girls in Valkea. Now Iltalehti is worried that these men have disappeared from Valkea and that Finnish men are more violent towards women (says Iltalehti) 

Iltalehti: Refugees of war have disappeared from Oulu’s cityscape.

What should be done with this persecution of young girls? Let’s start from the idea, that adult Finnish men going in to this malls and intervene on these situations. When one sees that these grownup pineapple-haircut men are playing with ten year old girl, you should have courage to intervene and tell the pineapple-haircut to go to hell. One shouldn’t show any fear to these racial strangers, they’ve used to so far Finnish fathers or brothers not protecting these girls. 

You should take lesson from gypsy men for once. If some gypsy girl was treated with such manner the racial strangers treat Finnish girls in Valkea, there would be a column of Mercedes Benzes coming from counties and the wrong doers would see that they messed with the wrong girl. 

There is no need for vigilante groups or civil war, just disembark and to move on foot position and see what is going on 

Iltalehti tells about the vandalism in Oulu’s mosque where bicycle stands are thrown thru windows, in this same article. 
There is no proof or evidence who is responsible of this deed. 
Far leftist are known to behave this way. They have a lust for this kind of action. 

Paavo doesn’t link the Iltalehti’s article here, because you shoildn’t give any clicks to this shit media. 

-Juhani Berg