Humongous chain of childrapes came to light in Helsinki

District court in Helsinki judged last friday a man from third country to long sentences from several cases of children’s sexual abuse. These deeds happened last spring and summer. 

Court sentenced Hedayatullah Safin, born 1986 to 4 years and 10 months in prison accused on eight different cases of child abuse and rapes, which happened in last years April, May and July. 

Safi had contacted all the victims, little girls 14-15 years old, through different socialmedia (Instagram among others) apps and started sexual conversations with the girls. 

Safi’s actions had looked innocent at first, but in all of the cases things advanced with subtle manner and persuasion towards different sexual actions. Contacting victims things always ended him saying that he had bulge in his pants. 

Eventually Safi had managed to get girls in bed with him, where he had raped the victims with every imaginative way. 
It wasn’t pretty foreplay or petting, deeds were brutal rapes. 

After the rapes girls had suffered different kind of anxieties and insomnia. Many of the victims felt that Safi had a hold on them, that they couldn’t break free from him. Safi had taken pics from the acts and sensed these pictures to his friends. Court’s report tells, that there had been other racial strangers taking part in these acts too. These deeds are coming forth in separate court cases or that the deeds led to no further investigation because the lack of evidence. Safi had many different aliases in social media, where he acted as another person. 

Court says that Safi’s actions has been grooming at its purest, where the offender tried to built trust with the victims by praising them. 

Court ruled by unite vote Safi to imprisoment for 4 years and 10 months. 
As a first time offender he gets reduced penalty, he will be out of the jail in 2 years and 5 months time. Safi was held in prison while waiting on court’s ruling. 

The credit of this case coming to light goes to Junes Lokka also. 
These incidents surfaced while searching another case. 

-Juhani Berg

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