Norway's Hedayatullah is probably different person than Helsinki's serial rapis

Safi Hedayatullah’s long sentences on child abuse and rapes in Helsinki had an interesting side note. It turned out that he has namesake in Norway, who has same hobbies: raping little girls and so on.

Norway’s incident includes four neo-norwegians born in 1997-1998, who raped young girls like on a assembly line. In this bundle of rapes cases Olivier Aluma, Regan Clement Mukendi, Warhel Numan and Hedayatullah Safi were given small time prison sentences. Some of accused took part in two rapes, one accused took part in one rape.
Main events started in spring 2015, when one of the rapists contacted 16-year old girl. Girl was bullied at school and because of this she had dropped going to school.
This caused many kind of problems. Girl was seeking new friends. At this time sad wings of destiny came to picture.
So the girl had some kind of contact to one of these men which led to a meeting in one man’s apartment. Girl had some vodka offered to her which made her pass out. Drink included some strong drug. Then came the darkness.
In some time girl woke up naked in bed. She got dressed and left the apartment. She had no recollection what had happened during the evening, but she tells in the hearings that she had pain in her genitals when she left the place and she guessed what had happened. Because she had no memories of the events on that evening and her life was in difficult situation at the time, criminal report was never made. Girl went deeper on her depression after this and many more problems was to come.
One year went by when things started happening. Police contacted girl asking about the rape. Police had found through another rape case that neo-norwegian’s cell phones included many clips where girl was filmed having sex. Girl was unconscious in these videos and the neo-norwegians quartet was raping her. One of video the clips was 10 minutes long, where racial stranger in lust was eagerly raping the unconscious victim. The acts went on for approx. 6 hours all together.
Girl was interviewed in norwegian Nettavisen, where she tells that she feels shame for the happenings and that she would never thought to find herself in that position.
-I will carry this pain for the rest of my life inside of me, girl tells.
So there were the facts how things went down on that time period. Sarpsborg’s district court sentenced the quartet for long suspended sentences.
Court of appeals gave little less in February last year.
Court of appeals in Norway tells the year of birth to be 1997-1998 on these rapists. In Helsinki’s rape case the sentenced Hedayatullah is said to be born in 1986. Age difference is 11-12 years comparing to rapist in Helsinki. In theory it’s possible that the Helsinki’s rapist Hedayatullah has wondered across the borders and started life as a refugee of war in Finland.
30 year old grown up man goes easily as a alone coming minor.
In these cases it’s probably two different person who just made their family names famous. They both have same kind of hobbies also.
-Juhani Berg

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