Sweden's new government making sure there is no holding back on asylum immigration issues. 

Sweden’s new government has been playing an interesting game, and it got finally approved on parliament’s majority vote. Opposition parties Centre Party and Liberals played major role on the formation of new government.

Present government is a minority government as its predecessor. Biggest reason that present government got formed is the fact that Social Democrats and Milieu-party have now Centre Party’s and Liberals support. It took four months and at first it seemed impossible that this kind of cross-border partylines cooperation would happen, but Annie Lööf’s Centre Party has shown support to Social Democrats more than ever before.
To the public was told, that Centre’s/Liberals gave a list of 73 demands to Löfven. As long as Löfven’s government follows these demands, government will stick together. If Annie Lööf sees that Löfven doesn’t follow the agreement, government will have the motion of censure and it will break up. List is said to have a lot nonsence from different parties election-themes, like lowering the taxes. Everybody knows that the taxes will never be lowered. It doesn’t matter whether the vat is 25 or 26 procent. Some changes on tax relief for household is said to come. These don’t make a big difference either.
The biggest point on Lööf’s list of demands is the migration issue. It says that family reuniting must be made easier and asylum immigration as well. There has been talks that alone coming children gets automaticly whole family to join with the child to Sweden, no questions asked. This means a few hundred thousand new entrants, give or take. As a starter there has been an idea bounced around that the alone come afghans aprox. 9000 persons(this is the new “afghan law” that came last summer) gets their parents to join them to Sweden, so there would be 20000 entrants as a pretaste.
It seems that even Annie Lööf’s craziest ideas to get migration from the third countries, must be followed if the new government will hold together. Sweden is ruled by worst pool imaginative. All three parties Social Democrats, Milieu-party and Centre-party are fanatical asylum immigration extremists and the brakes are off. So far this coalition has been arguing wether to take lot of entrants or even more of entrants and wether to give’em free living or even more free living. The pin is off now and there is no real opposition in four years time. A lot of entrants are to be expected in four years time.
Sweden Democrats doesn’t have any effect on the matter. What ever craziness this trio gets in to their minds, there is no use looking SD’s direction.
-Juhani Berg

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