Business as usual in Stockholm during the weekend – one knee busted

Warfare erupted again in the western part of Stockholm. Young man’s knees stiffened on the shooting incident in Järvalla on saturday night’s time and shots were fired to apartment in Husby on the early hours of Sunday morning.

Järvalla’s incident begun in Jakobsberg at 19.25. Many callers informed the Emergency Response Center that there is shooting taking place in Jakobsberg. Multiple shots were fired.
When police arrived to the scene they found a young man laying in snow pile. Youngster was taken to the hospital and technical investigation started. Incident is investigated as an attempt of murder or as an assault offense. No suspect have been caught with this incident.
Few kilometers away in Husby, the deeds were carried with other manner. At 6 o’clock so far unknown suspects opened fire towards apartment complex’s windows. Several shots were fired, but no one was injured in this incident, police says. No one has been caught with this incident either.
It seems that in Husby’s incidents the matter was putting a “normo” back in his place, because the person shot at had no gang relations. It’s more like the other way around, this person is profiled as a “peace maker/keeper” in the area.
Gang territories are very strict in Husby. Areas have been devided exact to the meter. Group of youngster (aged 10-15 years) have been terrorizing on one of these areas from the start of last year’s autumn. Neoswede wannabe gangsters are keeping a toll in one street. They are using extortion to squeeze money from the other kids and selling drugs. This may sound ridiculous to the adults ear, but these kids can’t be controlled.
The person who was shot at has been trying to make a stop to this extortion business. He has been disturbing the youngsters a bit too much obviously and now came the pay back time. Revenge. In this case the gang is formed by kids, but there is a gang of 20 year old youngsters behind all this, with a garage full of ammunition and guns. Even adult stops when he is shot at. No matter if the shooter is a kid or not.
-Juhani Berg