Security seminar in Oulu turned out to be a total fiasko – "Finns rape too and more integration is needed" 

Seminar concerning security issues and sexual abuse cases and it’s effects to the people was held in Oulu on Monday morning. Whole seminar was a total shit show and it made public realize that the city officials and top politicians doesn’t have matters under control and the situation is not getting any better.

The event was meant to be a discussion forum, where the topics handled the safety of the women and the young girls and the ways to improve it. It turned out be that most of the statements talked about how the Finns rape too and that there has always been sexual criminality in the city of Oulu. One speaker even said that there is no such thing as a rape wave in Oulu and continued claiming that there was, back in year 2012. The deeds didn’t raise any attention back then, because the rapes were made by the Finns. Chief of the security in the city of Oulu confirmed the same thing: There is no more raping going on comparing to other towns in Finland, Oulu is a safe city.
The whole event was full of silly nonsense and babble. Police told that the migrants are real victims. Immigration official told how asylum process progresses. After this there was a long monoloque, concerning adult foreign men visiting schools and day care centres and how experiences have been only positive. Soldier men have been visiting schools on regular basis and the practice is going to be the same in the future. There was talks of integration and how the Finns need to do this acculturing.
On top of this, there seems to be a problem with the hate speech in social media concerning the events in Oulu. There has been angry discussions in internet. Other speakers in the seminar reminded too, that sexual criminality has not escalated and if it is escalating the reason for it is the lack of integration and acculturing. It’s state’s responsibility to take care of this matter. Many speakers told that multiculturalism makes all things better. One even stated that she had traveled on Russian aeroplane and it’s crew was Danish, or something..
That is the reason why Finland can’t close its borders.
Only critical statements were made by Sebastian Tynkkynen, who said that city government of Oulu has done nothing to solve and stop this rape-epidemic. He also demanded that these visits to schools and day care centres need to stop and adult foreigners must be banned from youth community centres. Interesting side note on Tynkkynen’s statement is that the chairman of the seminar kept hitting his little hammer to table on through the whole Tynkkynen’s statement. Tynkkynen closed his statement saying that city officials need to shame their actions.
Junes Lokka gave critical point of view too. He told how the whole event was a waste of time and a babble full of nonsense. Lokka claimed that the city and its officials need to be taken to the court and sentenced for pimping and for treason, because they have been allowing Esikoto (city funded program of integration and acculturing) and other actors to make these visits of ”refugees” among the kids and youths. Kids and youths are basically forced to hang with these foreign grown up men from developing countries.
All and all whole seminar was a total fiasko and a shit show. City officials of Oulu are not considered the position of young Finnish girls and women, the officials don’t grasp the severity of the situation. Biggest problem of the speakers on this event seemed to be that integration has been failing and there needs to be more visits to schools and day care centres by these racial strangers. Things will surely get better with this way.
-Juhani Berg

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