Youngsters helped two gang criminals to get free in Märsta

Police’s special unit pulled over a vehicle in Märsta’s Valstavägen roundabout on Friday evening. With this police checked the car and its passengers more closely. Two person were caught.

Police found with the search an automatic rifle and about 500 000 krones (50 000 euros) worth of cash. One person who was caught is a famous gang criminal and police has been questioning him about connections to the murder that happened earlier this week in Jakosberg. After police catched these young men, big group of neoswedes surrounded police car suddenly, they threatened police officers and both youngsters were set free. There is no more information so far with this case. Police were probably held at gun point, otherwise this incident would not have happened.
According, police in Märsta has been making “moves to increase security” during the weekend. So there is more police force at present than usually.
There was another attack against the police in Stockholm on Friday evening. In Nacka’s Orminge group of neoswedes attacked police patrol. Officers were on patrol late Friday evening and they were asking id’s from one person. With this group of neoswedes attacked police suddenly. Police officers were punched and kicked.
Police men were shorthanded against brutal force of neoswedes, so they retreated and made their way to the hospital to get stiches and so on. Nothing more serious happened, unless you take in count police loosing their faces once again.
Many youngsters in this onslaught are identified and they will be summoned to the “seriousness talks” to police station, when time comes.
-Juhani Berg

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