Last week's metro incident is now a racial question 

When you’re making anti-racism as a way of life, the truth doesn’t matter that much. Last week’s metro incident in Stockholm has been blown out of portion. The happening is made now as a racial question, there are two sides in this case. Truth and victimization.

Events began last Thursday when guards were doing ticket control in Stockholm’s metro. In Hötorget’s metro station one African woman traveling with a child seemed not to have a valid ticket. Case was filmed with many phone cameras and there was many eye-witnesses. Video clips shows clearly how things went down.
Guards asked woman to step out from metro, but she just sat in her seat and told guards to go away. Guards told woman that she can’t travel without a ticket, that made woman tense and in the end hysterical. Guards lifted woman from her seat by her arms. There was no extensive force or violence of any sort used against the woman. More like the other way around. Women was escorted gently from the train while guards trying appease her.
In the platform woman lost it totally and threw herself to the bench. She made herself to fall. Guards were able to hold women and made her sit to the bench. At this moment woman was beyond hysterical and guards just tried to calm her, like “everything is okay.” One guard took her child a side from the situation trying to appease and telling that everything is fine. Guards did everything to calm the woman, but she psyched herself in such hysteria, that situation just fell flat.
You can look the video clips from the previous article:
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Vartijat poistivat raskaana olevan naisen Tukholman metrosta – someraivo

Now the case has been commented by many nationally famous brown people, famous by being victims of racism. These persons are on daily basis in media telling the tales of the racism they face.
Leftist party’s congressman from Malmö; Jallow Momodou, Social Democrats Mohamed Nuur from Tensta and Greens party’s ja Leila Ali-Elmi have been making strong statements about this case. They’ve been telling in the letter published by Aftonbladet that they are tired of the constant violence towards them.
– It doesn’t matter if the person is Swedish or not, man or woman, adult or minor, rich or poor, but when the skin color is black, person is a constant target of racist violence and race profiling, the trio tells to Aftonbladet.
The trio continues by telling that violence towards brown people is not made by individual rotten eggs, the reason for these acts are coming from history and systematical actions done by racist society.
Trio is asking how often guards and police officers are accused of excessive violence against the black persons.
After this comes the subway incident, earlier happened incident in Kista Gallery and some never heard incident from Malmö back in 2015.
According the trio these incidents are connected with white guards attacking brown people, but now charges were ever made because they were white and victims were brown.
Take a notice that everyone of this trio has been facing racist violence described above. Jallow who lives in Malmö is facing constant violence everywhere and all of the time, Nuur living in Tensta is facing on going violence in Tensta, like there is white people actually living there.
There are plans for a demonstration in Sergels Torget under name “Against police and guard violence.” Demo’s information says that they are tired of racist violence.
Demonstration demands as follow:
– White’s special treatment must stop.
– Racial profiling and racism must stop.
– Discrimination of Afro-swedes must stop.
– Every one should be able to move freely and in peace in Sweden.
So now the daily routine of guards, doing just their job by removing ticketless woman from metro is made a race question. The one who dares to mention that no one is allowed to travel without valid ticket in metro, is now a racist, who is performing hate speech. The one claiming that guards over reacted and used extensive force is a anti-racist.
-Juhani Berg