Neo-Finn imam in Turku threatened to throw acid to his wife's face

Court of appeals in Helsinki didn’t give permission to appeal in restraining order on Neo-Finn imam’s ex-wife’s case.
Imam demanded over ruling, court desided otherwise.

Imam Hammoud Walid Ramez divorced his wife back in 2006 by finnish law, but because Hammoud is a true moslim, the finnish laws doesn’t concider him. The divorce had to be made according the only law that Hammoud believes, sharia law. Divorce based on the sharia law was given on May 2018 in Lebanon. Imam had ignored at first divorce ruled by Finnish law, finally he agreed with it.
The divorce wasn’t easy process. Couple had been living separately for years, but Hammoud had been living on and off in ex-wife’s home against her will. Hammoud had threatened to acid ex-wife’s face so that she couldn’t get married again. Hammoud had beaten the wife many times and she was afraid of going to the doctor, because she tried to protect her family, as their cultural code demands.
Imam’s ex-wife announced in spring 2018 that she is getting married again. This made imam furious and he didn’t give permission to this. Again he threatened to throw acid on ex-wife’s face.
On the 6th of September 2018 things started happening. Woman was alone in her home in morning time. She was getting dressed in the bedroom when imam came with his own set of keys to her home. Imam was able to suprise ex-wife by putting bag over her head. Imam started to threaten and beat ex-wife at the same time. Woman was able to get free from the bag over her head, imam showed her the acid bottle and told the woman what he is going to do with it, to acid her face.
Woman believed that he was doing it for sure.
Events progressed as follow, man threw woman to the floor and sat on top of her. Next he put the pillow on woman’s face, so she had difficulties to breathe. Man was banging woman’s head to the wall several timed. Woman tried to get free by biting him, this made imam even more angry and he stick a screw driver on woman’s forehead. Woman got multiple blood gushing wounds. Imam had put the screw driver in woman’s vagina by saying that he’ll cut it if woman re-marries. Woman had cuts with this too and she was bleading heavily. At this moment woman became hysterical and started screaming, because she thought that this is it, he is killing her for real. Man had put on the tv when he entered the appartment, so that her cries couldn’t be heard.
The situation eased slightly when woman promised that she wouldn’t get married and that imam would get the possesion of their children, her home and money.
Eventually, the situation calmed down and woman had to go to work. Hammoud made woman to promise that she wouldn’t tell anybody about the events that took place. At her working place woman told her co-workers what had happened and she was taken to the hospital.
After this Hammoud have had no contact with the ex-wife, except the different threats he has delivered via their children to woman, if she re-marries.
Based on these grounds the district court of Helsinki sentenced Valid Hammoud on extended restraining order, he can’t make no contact what so ever to the ex-wife.
Hammoud has been exposed in MSM over the years. He’s been doing this and that in Turku. He tells in Turun Sanomat back in 2013:
– Imams have a great responsibility so that the moslims can preserve their own identity while living under finnish legal system.
Makes you wonder what else imam has been preaching in mosques?
-Juhani Berg

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Whiter Shade
Whiter Shade
9.2.2019 21:42


Juha Sipilae
Juha Sipilae
9.2.2019 21:43

I am shocked.

Riku Rantala
Riku Rantala
9.2.2019 21:45


Why shall we tolerate this?
Why shall we tolerate this?
10.2.2019 11:27

That’s the way like true moslims behave.

10.2.2019 11:54

And this dude can still stay in our country?! He should be expelled asap.

My old hometown is raped and killed
My old hometown is raped and killed
10.2.2019 12:08

Finland has now got several shit-hole cities/areas due to migration. There were none (=0) when I lived in Finland. Now I feel I can’t visit my home town ever again, it’s been 10 years since I did it. I could not stand to meet an ÄBÄLÄWÄBÄLÄPERSON near my old home where I was born.