Wild kind of weekend in Gävle

A real night of the matches in Gävle. At least 15 was set on fire plus one recycle canopy.

Biggest cluster of burning cars began at 04.00 o’clock in Jarlavägen. Police’s status report tells that atleast one person was seen running around the cars before the fires begun.
Man was seen inside the cars too. Multiple cars was set on fire. From there the fire spread to the neighbouring vehicles.
Fire department arrived to the scene quickly and they got hold of the situation.
Next the fires were lid at Brynäsgränd. Same pattern. One person was seen loitering around cars and at the same time many cars started flaming. Soon after the fires started one person was caught based on observations by an eyewitness. Police seized fire related tools from the person too.
At 05.00 o’clock one smaller fire took place when recycle canopy was set on fire.
Below is the video feed of the fires.

-Juhani Berg

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