Municipality of Skurup is pressing criminals charges against alone coming youths who's been lying their age

Skurup’s municipal council decided last autumn on initiative made by Sweden Democrats, that all alone coming youths who’s been lying their age are to be charged on a serious social benefit crime.

According Sydsvenskan there is 17 cases reported to the police officials. In one of the cases the suspect is a woman, rest are men.
Objectors are saying that this is a political matter. Social Democrat’s Lena Axelsson says that when people are doing this for political reason, it looks horrible. One person to be charged is ”11 years old”  Ahmadzia Akbari. Lena Axelsson is his substitute mommy.
It is actually very strange that these criminals charges are made rarely. If person lies his age, it is always obvious fraud.
-Juhani Berg

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