Sweden is having 43 000 asylum seekers in next two years time 

Sweden’s Immigration bureau (Migrationsverket) has given preliminary estimation about the asylum seeker situation in upcoming years.

In current year Sweden is expecting 21 000 asylum seekers and in year 2020 the expected amount of invaders is 22 000, Henrik Holmer tells in Migrationsverket’s bulletin.
Estimated number was originally 26 000 till the end of November this year and next year’s 33 000. Results lowering is said to be connected, that previous estimate didn’t take under consideration governments political deals, where persons with secondary asylum status are now given same change for family uniting as asylum seekers.
So in two years time Sweden will be having at least 43 000 new comers. If the migrant flow stays the same, the number will be 155 000 migrants acting as refugees in the end of 2025.
-Juhani Berg

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18.2.2019 11:04

…at least..;-)

Sweden is sinking and no S.O.S. is sended
Sweden is sinking and no S.O.S. is sended
18.2.2019 16:15

No, not 43.000. At least 100.000 including relatives till those who came earlier, those who come illegally etc etc.