Neo-Finn sentenced on 14 sexual crimes 

Turku’s Court of appeals confirmed yesterday the sentence given by Pirkanmaa’s District court on 24.4.2018, where 1999 born Tamim Najafi was condemned to prison for 3 years and 8 months on 10 rapes.

Here is the full list of the crimes done by this racial stranger:
– 10 rapes during 23.12.2017 – 1.1.2018 time.
– Abuse/battery where deeds are said to happened between 13.1.- 30.1.2018.
– Aggravated sexual child abuse 22.1.- 30.1.2018.
Case bunddle includes three victims.
In the first case Najafi exploited victims slight disablement. Najafi managed to lure girl to his appartment where he raped the victim at least 10 different times. There are multiple incidents. On some occasions Najafi had made victims helpless state even deeper by offering alcohol to the girl.
Sometimes Najafi had forced the girl to have sex with him. Girl had staded that she didn’t want to have sex. Racial stranger had strangled girl by the throat or by thd hands and slapped her around. He also hit girl’s face. Some occasions Najafi had forced the girl to open her mouth and then he had shoved his penis to girl’s mouth.
Court states that Najafi had brought the girl in such state of fear, that she didn’t stand a change to defend herself.
On assault/battery charge Najafi had strangled person by the throat and bitten her on shoulder and breast. Statement doesn’ t indicate wether the victim is a man or a woman, but it seems obvious that it’s a woman in guestion.
On the third case, aggravated sexual child abuse, Najafi raped 14 year old girl 4 times, both vaginally and anally. In these incidents violence was used too.
You should take a notice that atleast one of the victims was mentally disabled, but she’d let to have a friendship of some sort to Najafi.  Also the other underaged rape victim was having a “friendship” with Najafi on adults approval.
Najafi denied the charges and claimed that the deeds happenened on mutual understanding and in free will. Najafi was also fined with couple thousand euros on different reparations.
Finally you should pay attention to the fact, that this raping racial stranger is concidered as a first time offender and as young felon. He will be doing only 1/3 of the prison time.
This sums 1 year and less than 3 months. Najafi has been prisoned since last years December during trial process, this means that he’ll be walking as a free man in couple months time..
-Juhani Berg

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