Estonian Independence Day was a big success

Estonian Independence Day on 24th of February was definite, guaranteed success. At least 3000 people gathered to the Liberty square were the march started. Torch march went through to the old town returning to the starting point, the Liberty square in the city centre of Tallinn.

Event gathered thousands of participants. Women, children and men. Amongst the participants were seen old grand mothers shouting ”Eesti eest”, it means Estonia for Estonians.
Young children, old folks and people of all ages were walking side by side showing that they are Estonians and proud of it.
There was a small group of counter demonstrators, who were saying that Estonia is racist country. All and all the rest of the people on the march were united in one front.
”Eesti eest”
During the torch march Monokulttuuri’s reporters had discussions with tens of people and it was touching and heart warming to see how unified Estonian people are. People were saying that they don’t want to see same kind of progress as Finland has nowadays. People of Tallinn don’t want to see migrant ghettos rising up as in Sweden and in Finland.
Some Estonians were very determined that situation as Oulu has in Finland, will never happen in Estonia. If signs of that kind of development rises, it will be taken care of..
Monokulttuuri’s task force would like to thank all the Estonian supporters and contributors.
Beneath is Monokulttuuri’s stream from event.
-Juhani Berg

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