Rosengård has several basement mosques, where returning IS-jihadists are recruiting youngsters

Returning jihadists from IS are looked as idols amongst the youths in Malmö’s disturbed areas. There are several basement mosques in Rosengård and returning jihadists from Syria are recruiting new generation.

There are few associations in Rosengård which are aiming to find young men who are dreaming of jihadist career and then set them straight, to the narrow path. These associations are saying that returning jihadists from Syria are feared of and they are a big security risk. They do have a lot of support amongst the young men.
Muslim mothers in Rosengård started their own volunteer group, they are trying to help other mothers who are suspecting their sons joining with jihadists. Groups founder Zainab Alshaer says that the situation in Rosengård is really bad. According Alshaer several mothers have contacted her asking how they can help their children not fall on jihadists IS-trap.
Micahel Helders, who works against violent extremism as a project manager in municipality, tells to TV4 news that there is a massive recruiting going on in Malmö’s basement mosques. Helders tells that parents are worried of their children, because jihadists have big authority. Further more jihadist’s actions cause instability and turmoil in Rosengård.
According one study there are 20 plus ex-isis fighters who are actively recruiting in Malmö area. It’s a severe situation and something must be done as soon as possible, Helders says.
-Juhani Berg

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