Violence crimes sky-rocketed in Oslo – 70 % of perpetrators are migrant background

Knife fights in Oslo’s city centre have increased explosively. During this year only, there has been over 30 incidents where victims have been stabbed/slashed with a knife in the city centre of Oslo.

Last Friday night a 50 year old man was found laying on the street with knife wounds, he was taken to the hospital after aggravated robbery. Norwegian TV-2 got all verdicts from year 2018 till the end of this years February, from district court of Oslo. There was 140 verdicts which included manslaughter attempts and aggravated assaults. Third of these deeds were done with knife, bottle or class.
From these 140 incidents 70% was done by people of migrant background. Oslo’s procentage of foreigners is 33% of population.
Study categorized person to be as foreigner if person have moved to Norway or if born there, both parents are born abroad. To Oslo’s police academy’s violence researcher Ragnhild Bjørnebekke this matter doesn’t come as surprise. In TV2’s interview Bjørnebekk tells:
– They are very vulnerable persons, they have suffered great traumas. Large portion of these people come from violent cultures and they are bringing it with them over here.
Many of them aren’t Oslo’s citizens, they’ve just arrived and stayed in Oslo only couple of months.
Oslo’s police chief Sverre Sjøvoldin says in his statement to TV2’s interview, that situation in field is worrying. According Sjøvoldin it’s only matter of good luck that the term of classification in these cases is not manslaughter.
According the police chief, police officials are worried because the respect towards officers has collapsed in the field. Chief continues that this kind of behaviour comes from school skipping migrant youths.
Population of Oslo is about same as Helsinki’s.
– Juhani Berg

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This is wonderful multiculturalisim. Lalaalaaa


Slussenin sissit ovat muuttaneet Norjaan sisupuukkoineen!