Next awaiting bomb to explode in Europe are the isis-children

Next bomb to the West-European societies are the IS-children. This means the children who have been growing up in Syria and other war torn IS-areas. These children are now returning with their jihadist parents to Europe.

These children are raised seeing hanged infidels, road sides with severed heads on spikes and public executions. To these children it’s natural that non believers are executed. To western children it’s not natural. Western kids would be terrified if they see on their home street severed heads on the spike, brains falling out. To IS-children this is perfectly normal, even exciting. You can poke the eyes of these infidel’s severed heads and exam the brains leaking from the cutting points, or what ever it is when head is put on the spike.
When Europeans has joined to IS and they have a child during jihad, the child is not registered to the same country as parents origins are. For example if Swedish citizen has a child during jihad, there is nothing that will deny child coming with parents to ”home”
There is references of such behavior already. Different groups have mentioned the UN’s child convention and that is the direction how things will continue. Sweden’s new interior minister Mikael Damberg has said that even if someone is participating with terrorist organization and it will be punished, but:
– Children’s human rights are extreme important. If a child and family comes to Sweden’s embassy, situation will be taken care very seriously. Child perspective is important to Sweden.
Minister means with this that if IS-family comes to Sweden’s embassy with children, for the sake of these kids, family will automatically get to return to Sweden.

Let’s take a moment and think of these kids growing up over there with IS. Father has been murdering and teaching this to children also, of course. With the children there has been combat action training too. Family has slaves, children have seen how IS combatants have sex slaves in brothels and how these slaves are treated as dogs. Children have seen public executions, people thrown from roof tops and people burned to death like in BBQ.
These children have now the right to enter Sweden. Child services officials will have the custody of these children, of course. But do you think that these kids will be located after this to Christian families or Swedish even to atheist family.
Think again. The IS-children will be located to moslim family, obviously. Now the question is that what kind of moslim family will the kid be located in. If religion plays a big role in this new family, they already have ready and willing throat cutter. Murderer in lap.
Last thought, what do you think, how will your kind children cope with these IS-children in school?
-Juhani Berg

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4.3.2019 18:55

The epidemy of a malevolent political shill: A politician who says he/she wants the best for people, then proceeds to force you to accept aggressive foreigners with known statistical violence/instability traits moving in to live in your neighbourhood. This leads to certain kinds of headlines, with huge amounts of human suffering behind the words: