Alan Salehzadeh: Oulu's rape epidemic is only a political intrigue 


Alan Salehzadeh is a neo-Finn, moved as a refugee from Iran to Finland. He’s told be a researcher and geopolitical expert concerning Middle-East and North-African conflicts

Salehzadeh writes in his blog in Iltalehti, titled “What is wrong with city of Oulu”. In this blog he states that rape doesn’t belong in any culture or religion. He continues that men coming from middle-east do understand that rape is wrong. He says that rapist in Middle-East will be executed right away.
Is that so? Really?
First of all rapist aren’t executed in any Middle-East country, not immediately nor afterwards. According the sharia law rape must witnessed and proved to have happened by four men, before court even considers taking the case to the trial. This means that four men needs to be as bystanders while rape is happening that this act will be judged in court.
Salehzadeh has tried on a several occasions to claim that the rapist will be executed.
For example in Saudi-Arabia there are many cases where western women have been raped and they are thrown to jail because they’ve been raped.
Couple of years a go British women was raped in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Women reported the rape and then she was jailed. Women was a suspect of an affair outside of marriage. In 2016 a 22 year old Dutch woman was fined of sexual relationship outside of marriage, after she reported that she had been raped. Place where this happened was also Dubai. Norwegian woman served 16 months prison sentence in 2013, after she reported that she had been raped. Ruling came on the grounds of premarital sexual intercourse.After diplomatic negotiations women was released to serve the jail time to Norway. Needless to say that the rapist wasn’t executed. United Arab Emirates is known as “civilized”, tourist friendly, Islamic nation.
Incidents discriped abowe considered non moslim, a western woman who’ve been raped. They filed a criminal report of their naivety. Who really thinks that in islamic countries women are brave enough to file criminal reports after being raped?
They don’t even dare to walk the streets without a headscarf or a bag of some sort covering them. Some backwater countries like Afghanistan, Jemen and Somalia women reporting herself being raped is a certain way to find herself stoned to death by the hands of her own male relatives.
Salehzadeh claims that Middle-eastern people do know that rape is wrong. It maybe so, but it concerns only women wearing the headscarf . When it concerns western infidel women, without a vail, it’s open season and fair game for the Arabs to rape them. These men are bragging to each other of the rapes they’ve conducted, they don’t feel any guilt or remorse of these deeds. Let’s take a closer look of these raping animals.
Paavo Tajukangas knows what he is speaking of, while living in Stockholm, he has heard tens of times the stories of the men from third countries boasting and bragging of the rapes they’ve committed. One even proudly explained how he had sex with Swedish woman who was passed out.
Next Salehzadeh goes even further. He takes the “rasmus-argument” in use. (Rasmus is a notorious Fb-group in Finland, it fights against racism every ways possible.
People in this group in generally seem to have reached the point of no return.
Hopeless basket cases.)
So the Alain’s clame is that the rape cases in the city of Oulu are clever political hoax and intrigue!
Salehzadeh tells, that Finnish women has at first get to known these men from third countries. Later on woman starts the accuses of her being raped.
Intrigue and the plot thickens, because the underworld has set these women as baits.
After this comes the vigilantes who take the law in their own hands and they start fulfill their own dreams and then to defame other people, just to get more votes in elections.
With this Salehzadeh means that the rapes in Oulu are only for the promotion of upcoming elections. To the bitter end, Salehzadeh tells that even the police officials might be in this mean plot. They are giving anonymous statements to the media and painting a black picture of these men from developing countries. With this way they get more votes in elections.
Pretty wild, eh? And logical. One of the rape victims in Oulu committed suicide just to boost the false/made up rape of hers? To collect more votes for some political party?
Salehzadeh has the decency not to say out loud The True Finns Party or the ASYL (Junes Lokka’s and Tiina Wiik’s own elections list)
Alan Salehzadeh, learn how to swim! (This is inside humour that only immigration critics know and understand here in Finland)
-Juhani Berg

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No more
4.3.2019 11:39

Go back to Iran. We don’t need any person from third world. Your values and attitudes are deep from..

El Comandante Cero
El Comandante Cero
4.3.2019 16:33

Keskenkasvuiset rassistiset uusnatsi tytöt väijyttävät herkkäuskoisia kaikista hyvää uskovia hartaita muslimimiehiä. Oulussa natsismilla on pitkät perinteet eikös siellä ollut ihan pikku berliini ilman mitään kepappipaikkoja ja synagoogia sekä moskeijoita. Nämä pakolaiset pitäisi evakuoida turvallisempaan paikkaan, suojaväistö vaikka Närpesiin.

7.3.2019 01:35

Sekava kommentti. Mitä vidduu sä edes yrität sanoa? Tuossa kommunikaatiossa olisi petraamiseen varaa. Saatan hyvinkin peukuttaa jos osaat fokusoida ilman kryptisiä olettamuksia tulkinnasta.