Lahti, Finland: Foreign background school assistant suspect of molesting children

In Lahti, Finland, is starting to reveal that foreign background school assistant has been sending obscene, sexual content messages to girl students and molesting several young girls.

School’s principal has confirmed these incidents in a message send to parents yesterday morning. Principal tells that social media has been boiling after came to light that foreign background school assistant 30 years old working on a apprenticeship contract has been suspected of several molesting cases. The case is now under criminal investigation by the police and the school assistant has been suspended from the job.
Police officials confirms to Etelä-Suomen Sanomat, that this case came to light only yesterday, but as it is so recent, there will be no further information to be released.
Now comes up the question, how on earth this kind of man was hired as a school assistant in the first place? Does multiculturism mean that unknown men from third countries must be imported close to young girls?
News from Lahti says that students have been complaining this racial stranger’s behavior from the get go and still he’s been allowed to continue in the job. Suspect is a man from third country, probably a asylum seeker. This matter was taken seriously only after many parents have come forth with this case. Things began clearing out when parents publicly started discussions on Facebook.
-Juhani Berg

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This is real multiculturalism

Exciting etno activity in Lahti.