Last remains of the caliphate collapsing any day now – Finnish women in IS too

Anna Finnish IS-bridge Sanna is said to be in the picture above
Photo by Mutlu Çiviroğlun Twitter.

According Abc, the last remains of the caliphate in East-Syria are becoming yesterdays news fast and enormous group of moslims who’ve been living in IS have now surrendered. Over 500 men have surrendered only in couple days time.
All and all over 20000 IS-moslims are guessed to be fleeing.

Thing that is surprising is the big number of women in this group. Abc tells a story of Finnish woman named Sanna, who’s been living in caliphate for last 4,5 years.
Sanna tells that whole family left to caliphate.
– At first living was normal, same as in Finland, but then suddenly all change.
Sanna tells that she was happy in caliphate with her four children, but then war came and ruined their happy life in IS. Now she is eager to move back to Finland.
– We wanted to leave a month a go already, but we couldn’t. Last weeks have been terrible, there was no food and there was a lot of bombings. Children were dying in front of our eyes.
Sanna believes that she will be jailed if she returns to Finland. Sanna’s husband was moroccan, but it remains unclear is Sanna an native Finn or Neo-Finn.
More people are coming from IS-areas towards North-Syria. This group includes men, women and children. Men are isolated as prisoners of war in prison camps.
Women and children are isolated in their own camps. The prison camps are kept by Kurdish military groups alongside with American troops.
If you are interested, you should follow this Twitter-account, which has a lot of information of returning IS-jihadists.
-Juhani Berg

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Janis Petke

Sorry, but finnished to be finnish.

Comment needed

We are only waiting for a comment from Mr. Heino Keppi…




Tuo suomalainen sanna on varmaan transu, mutta nuo silmät ei kyllä näytä kuuluvan naiselle. Oletettu joku muu kuin nainen joka täytyy valita niistä 32 sukupuolesta. 🤣🤣🤣


Noiden kaapujen takanahan voi olla kuka ja mitä tahansa. Ihme kun vielä käyttö sallitaan Suomessa .

Suomi Finland

Her children could be let to come back to Finland. They could live with their grandparents, but Sanna is definitively not welcome here anymore. She should rot there in the Middle-East for the rest of her life.
Any member of the IS terror organization is an enemy of the people. That is beyond to be compensated with a prison sentence.

You belong there where you are ugly Sanna

It’s extremely disgusting how Iltasanomat writes about ”Sanna”. I have no interest in her situation nor mercy, she should stay there rest of her life and not to come back here to laying down at couch and living off tax payers’ money.