Several sexual crimes done by foreigners handled in Turku's District court during March

Kuvakaappaus 2019-03-10 12-10-57

Turku’s district court will handle several cases of sexual crimes done by foreigners during March. Case list includes child rapes and ordinary rapes.

On 5.3.2019 Al-Junoori Nabeel Abed Salman was sitting on the accused bench. Man will be charged of aggravated child molestation. On 5.3.2019 was handled a rape case.
Bugujevci Merison was charged of rape.
Upcoming week on 12.3.2019 will include one case of aggravated child molestation. The accused is Al-Khalidi Muhannad Abdul Aziz. On 13.3.2019 court will be handling a rape case. Accused is Touray Momodua.
All recent sexual crime cases in court include only foreigners. There hasn’t been any Finns on the bench of accused.
Dozens of smaller crimes like assaults, small frauds, forgerys and such, done by foreigners have been in court also.
Just a mention from last Thursday, there was a case where accused Asadullah S. was charged of hijacking and a case from last Tuesday, exploitation of freedom, where accused was one Mohammed A. All and all 1/3 of the accused are of foreign backgrounds.
This story’s tips were sent by one devoted follower/reader. District court’s case listings were the source.
-Juhani Berg