Värmdö, the town of humanity

Stockholm’s neighboring municipality Värmdö has been on the headlines because its warm hearten and humane habbitants. This is the case once again. Local newspaper Mitti has put the limelight and lifted on a pedestal one 46-year old teacher Cecilia Dufvan.

Cecilia is a true on Värmdöan-hero. She has housed three afghan children with her husband. Mitti mentions one afghan child, Ahad 19 year old, who has been living with Dufva family since 2017. Married couple have have children of their own in this family too.
– She is my substitute mommy. My real mother has died, Ahad tells to newspaper.
Cecilia Dufven’s background in this kind of charity is pretty common. Pay attention what’s coming up next in this article, this madness is spreading to Finland too. 2015 the town of Värmdö received more than hundred of these alone coming children. 2017 migration officials started slapping negative asylum decisions. Those alone coming children who had turned 18 years old during the asylum process, couldn’t live no longer in the orphanages of war children. HVB-homes a.k.a family homes.
These youths were housed from that point on in grownups asylum centers. This means moving away from proximity of big city lights of Stockholm, to somewhere up north in the middle of nowhere, like Boden or Sundsval.
Cecilia tells to Mitti-newspaper:
– Me and couple of others did everything possible so that we could keep them here in Värmdö. None of them wanted to move from here..
We did our everything, so that we could keep’em”
From these basis Värmdoan women formed association called Frivilliga familjehem (Voluntary familyhousing), that started raising money and housing to these afghan youths. With this many of them could stay living in Värmdö.
Together with Värmdö’s gongregation they rolled up the sleeves and a lot of work has been done that atleast 55 alone coming afghan children have found place to live in Varmdö. Some of them live in families, like Cecilia’s afghan toddlers, some have appartments and other residences such like. Main thing is that these alone coming are staying in Varmdö.
Warm hearted people’s village, don’t you think?
-Juhani Berg

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14.3.2019 11:44

Before 2015 Värmdö had zero afghans. Now they are everywhere.

Disqusting idiots!
Disqusting idiots!
17.3.2019 19:32