Neo-Finn sentenced on counts of three sexual abuse of children

District court of Helsinki sentenced today 1999 born Farhan Suleiman Farhan on several sexual crimes to prison for 3 years and 10 months.

Court attributions were three aggravated sexual child abuse, aggravated rape, alcohol violation and black mailing. Sexual deeds were done to three girls 14-15 years old. On two of the cases rapist made the victims drink alcohol. On one case rape happened after using violence. Farhan hold violently the victim down during the rape.
On one case the victim was so drunk that she couldn’t walk. Racial stranger Farhan carried victim to bed and raped the girl.
Court decided that this was a aggravated rape because of the big age difference and that victim was drinked senseless.
Second girl had drinks made by the rapist. After this man had started to come on to girl. Girl had refused his advances, rapist used violence to get her clothes off. Farhan didn’t hit the girl, rapist was sitting on top of the victim. After the rape girl had suffered strong anxiety.
On the third case Farhan claimed that he was in a relationship with the victim, court saw no such thing ever been, because the relation wasn’t equal. Farhan had taken nude pictures of the victim and blackmailed money from her with those pics.
These deeds happened on March to May last year. Blackmailing happened on October.
The court saw that crimes mentioned above were proven and with that the racial stranger was awarded with 3 years and 10 months prison sentence. On top of this there came small fines to pay. Farhan was sent to Vantaa’s prison to wait the sentence’s law enforcement.
-Juhani Berg

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