Neo-Finn judged to prison in Oulu after found guilty of raping a child 

Oulu’s municipal court sentenced today Tadzhikistan’s citizen Muso Asoev, born 1975 to prison for 3 years ja 8 months, charges were aggravated sexual child molestation and aggravated rape.

These deeds happened in Oulu last year during  7.7. – 7.10. time period. Court’s ruling said, that the accused Asoev was touching girl with sexual intentions. These occurrences happened four times, on one occasion man was forcing his fingers in the girls private parts.
Girl was 10 years old at the time of these deeds.
Asoev denied these accusations. This was a plot where words were put to girl’s mouth, he says. Asoev said that this case was concerning a debt. Court saw things different way and decided that victim’s story seemed coherent, legit and truthful. Child behavior had change during the time of the deeds. Doctor had noticed physical injuries in examinations. These things backed up the girls story.
Interesting fact in this case is that Asoev and girl knew each other.
Asoev was some sort of religion teacher or something for the victim, a young girl. Victim is probably a Neo-Finn too. On top of the unconditional prison sentence, Asoev had small fines too.
Court decided to give harder punishment because of the victim’s age and that she felt deep trust towards Asoev.
Rapist will be only doing about half of the prison time, which means 1 year and 10 months.
In other words he will be free and back in business around summer time next year..
-Juhani Berg

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Johan Lap

Stupid Finns bring 7th century inbred savage parasite uncivilized muzzi terrorists and rapists into their country. They are digging their own graves …..insane Finns ….a bunch of shitty minded people.