Södermalm's mosque love bombed out of compassion after New Zealand's terror attack. 

Few dozens swedes gathered this afternoon around Stockholm’s Söder districts mosque to show support to the victims of New Zealand’s terror attack. Mosque’s doors was covered with paper hearts, people were holding hands and warm tears were falling, because this attack could have happened in Sweden too.

SVT tells, that this happening gathered representation from Sweden’s church, Jewish and Catholic congregations
Organizer Mattias Schain tells to SVT’s news, that they’ve gathered together to show support to the people entering the mosque, they are not alone with their sorrow.
News tells that moslim community in Stockholm area are worried after the attacks in New Zealand. Many think that same kind of attacks can happen in Sweden too.
This Södermalm’s mosque was organizing and played an important role on invasion of racial strangers to Finland in autumn 2015.
-Juhani Berg

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25.3.2019 10:57

The’re playing with fire.

25.3.2019 17:54

Waiting since 20 years, that a similar act of empathy be shown by the multiculturalists for the over thousand christians who are every year murdered by being burned inside their churhes etc by the muslims. Or for those hundreds of white families being attacked with cruel racial hatred by the followers of the late communist racist Nelson Mandela in South Africa.
When oh when?

27.3.2019 20:09