IS-terrorist: You can have slaves in islam, but slaves have rights 

Swedish Korrespondenterna magazine tv-show interviewed Swedish “Emma” in Kurdish pow-camp. Emma tells that in islam the slaves have many rights.

Emma is wanting passage back to Sweden. Her husband is sitting in pow-camp and Emma haven’t seen the geezer for a long time. Emma has two surviving children who’ve been born in IS caliphate. One died in the camp. Emma is probably swede, the pale eyes and light skin with freckles tells that. Even when she speaks a bit “blatte-svenska” (neo-swedes usually speaks with this way), this way of talking may also be because of her wanna-be attitude. This blatte-svenska may also come from the fact that she’s been in IS since 2013, this means that she hasn’t speak any Swedish over half decade. Her husband is Arabic origins.
All and all, this woman is a religious, genuine moslim. She says that she haven’t seen any dreadful actions like hangings, be headings and such, even she’s spent over five years in IS.
We made a text from the screen shots, where Emma tells to reporters about the slaves. First reporter asks from her about the Facebook posts Emma made couple years back where she praised the caliphate. Emma tells that she can’t remember. Story continues and reporters asks:
– What do you think about these young girls who’ve been sold to sex slaves?
– I haven’t seen any such actions, but I’ve heard, that these slaves haven’t been treated according their rights.
Slaves in islam have many rights concerning their “owners” . I don’t want to say this word because it’s condescending. (With this Emma means word “owners”, which is degrading word to her)
– But having slaves is acceptable..?
– I don’t know what to answer…

So this woman couldn’t hide her true nature and her “religion”, she said that according islam it’s okay to take slaves, thou slaves do have some rights.
You can watch the tv-program with this link:
These kind of IS jihadist are expected to return. The part of slave is yours.
-Juhani Berg

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Not here, thanks

Nice religion. it’s completely fool to take in those people to western countries. Of course we could try to civilize and teach them, but only in their own countries.