Hate speakers are organizing demonstration against the hate speech


Helsinki’s moslims are organizing this Sunday ”You don’t leave friend behind” named demonstration at Roihuvuori’s mosque. This gathering is a show of support to this mosque and its visitors, which has been under repeating ”attacks”.

This demonstration includes speeches against the hate speech from various speakers. One of the speakers is Suldaan Said Ahmed. Other names in this gathering are Green party’s Oula Silvennoinen and imam Abbas Bahmanpour. Abbas Bahmanpour is known from a talk show few years back, when he stated in a live broadcast, that according quran homosexuals must be killed. Now he is a speaker in a demo against the hate speech..
How about these moslims of Helsinki then. They had as a guest one Kamal el-Mekki in December 2015.

Kamal el- Mekki is known that he supports sharia-law like practiced in Saudi-Arabia, where amputated limbs and disconnected heads are common practice. These actions should be practiced in western world too, according this fellow. He speaks that stoning should be accepted as a common practice too, for example concerning the homosexuals.
El-Mekki is ranked all over the world as one of the top names in extreme Islamist. In Sweden these moslims preaching gatherings have been stopped on several occasions, when the fact have come out that Kamal el-Mekki is coming to preach in these gatherings.
For example in June 2015 the moslims were organizing a happening in a community house in Stockholm’s Rinkeby, this place is rented by the Social democrats. This gathering was supposed to be a ramadan’s opening party and this notorious islamist was invited as oration speaker. At the last minute, the owners of this community hall decided to forbid the happening on its grounds, they didn’t want this hate speaker on their property.
Folkets Huset’s CEO Calle Nathanson stated the decision to Dagens Nyheter, why they withdraw this location from the moslims:
– We don’t want them in our grounds spreading the values like they do.
After this moslim council tried to have this gathering in a place called Träffs, owned by the city of Stockholm. The access was denied in this place too. City’s representative told at the time that their properties are not to be used to plan stoning the sexual minorities.
So the moslims of Helsinki have entertained this class of hate preachers. If Kamal el-Mekki preaches all over the world of killing the homosexuals and infidels, he probably didn’t praise the pride-march and encouraged to love the infidels at that gathering in Helsinki. When he preaches around the world that Jews are dogs and pigs, he probably didn’t praise the Jews to moslims of Helsinki.
Moslim community of Helsinki didn’t invite el-Mekki by accident, not knowing who he is. He is famous among moslims of the world as Elvis Presley is among the westerners.
So after they’ve been preaching in Roihuvuori’s mosque of killing infidels, now is the time to have a demo against the hate speech on front of the mosque. All useful idiots and retards like Oula Silvennoinen are playing to these hateful mens pockets.
New Zealand’s horrible terror attack is used as a straw man by these moslims of Helsinki as well, they need the empathy and sympathy points. More likely this parish should be investigated of the hate speech, but now the moslims are turning the tables like some invisible party is haunting them with hate speech and their precious mosque is vandalized by racist Finns.
-Juhani Berg

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