Finnish moslim's youth organization pays visit to Swedish hardcore hate preachers

We published an article according Finnish moslim’s youth organization (NuMu) back in 2015. Story became current again when yesterday was a demonstration against hate speech at Roihuvuori’s mosque.

Finnish moslim’s youth organization was one of the organizers of gathering yesterdayLet’s see what kind of connections this group (NuMu) has in Sweden.
Article begins:
NuMu told on in its Facebook pages that they visited same kind of youth organization Sveriges UngaMuslimer (SUM)-organization in Sweden. Both of these groups are sort of top level groups in their countries. In Finland NuMu has activity only in Helsinki area. Swedish one is a vast organization.  Almost every village has its own local section.  Activity in Sweden is lively too.
Numu tells in its Fb-post as follows:
”We noticed, that co-operation between Nordic organizations should close-up more. We are planning a gathering in the future with this purpose. First step is to connect thru forums in social media”
Let’s take a closer look to Swedish young moslim’s (SUM) organization.
SUM has become famous as a group which invites hardcore hate preachers to its gatherings. Few examples:
Back in 2009 this group invited Khalid Yasin to preach. This man is famous american hate preacher. In his sermons he preaches killing the homosexuals and infidels, how dirty the Jews are and a worldwide sharia law that will rule over kuffars
On year 2010 SUM held a big conference in Stockholm, where one Sheik Abdullah Hakim Quick was invited as a guest preacher. He said that killing homosexuals should be justified.
He continued by stating that Christians and jews are infidels and they should be treated as dogs. Worldwide sharia was on his wish list also.
On 2011 couple months after terror-attack in Stockholm, SUM had as a guest speaker Salah Sultan who is supporting these kind of terrorism attacks.
On winter 2015 SUM tried to organize a big happening in Märsta, which concidered taking Sharia law as a practise in Sweden. This time the preacher was supposed to be Haithamal–Haddad, who holds sermons with favourite topics among moslims, stoning gays, killing apostates and worldwide sharia law. This happening was canceled by the city officials. Gathering was ment to be held in Märsta’s community’s ballroom, the officials decided to with draw the renting after the facts came out, they wouldn’t allow hate preaching in their property.
(Side note from editorial staff, we was one of them who informed Märsta community, after which the community denied SUM the access to its property.)
Even after the show was canceled in Märsta the gathering took place in Rinkeby’s mosque.
On summer 2015 SUM tried to organize a hate gathering in Rinkeby, where the guest hate preacher was one Kamala El-Mekki. You probably guess this gentleman’s sermons topics?
This event was managed to cancel.
All preachers above are ranked as a hardcore hate preachers across the world.  Some are denied the access to certain countries.
Young moslims of Finland were guests of the chairman of SUM, Rashid Musa.  Musa belongs to this worldwide islamic brotherhood, Moslim brotherhood, which agenda is to make Islam the one and only religion in the world.  Musa is giving death treaths to all of those who are critizing Islam.  One example is a tweet where he wished the killing of Sean Hannity, the news anchor of Fox news.
SUM isn’t a nice boy’s club, where they are singing gumbayah. It’s an organization that drives towards islamization of Sweden and other Nordic countries, sharia law.  SUM doesn’t pay any attention to the critics that have arised after these hate preachers have been invited.  Rashid Musa just wrenched his shoulders after the critique of the death threat he stated.  So what!
So this was the story from year 2017. Now back to the present and yesterday’s event.
Young moslim’s organization is a part of the Helsinki’s parish.  So the demo against hate speech from yesterday at the mosque is now seen in a strange light, because themself are supporting the hate speech.  Finnish racist-facist’s talks are school boy’s recess talks comparing to the talks taking place behind closed doors inside the mosque.
-Juhani Berg

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