Expatriated Iraqiano rapist from Denmark renewed his actions in Finland

You can only wonder what have the migration officials of these two countries been doing with Mohamed Tania Hocine’s documents/papers.

This rapist was deported from Denmark back in 2015. Reason for his banishing was a rape done by this racial stranger. The rape happened in the fall of 2013. Hocine couldn’t hold his circumcised dick in check and made his way to student’s dorm, to the women’s side. There he had surprise-sex with one sleeping 17 years old girl. Hocine raped the girl while she was sleeping.
District court of Roskilde sentenced rapist to prison for 1 year and 3 months, after which the racial stranger was taken in custody and rapidly deported back to country called Iraq.
Deportation took place in the end of 2015. Then happened a magic trick. Homsalalahoo and simsalabim.
Hocine arrived to Finland pretending of running away from war, persecution and torture. He was greeted at the border in Tornio. When Denmark had seen reasonable of this rapist deportation, in Finland his asylum application was seen worth checking in. His backpack was carried to Tampere.
First time Hocine was arrested in Finland on 1st of December 2018 suspected of rape and second time on 16th of march 2019.  He was set free between these two rapes. On the third time Hocine was arrested of multiple rapes in Tampere. Our information tells that this racial stranger has raped atleast two women while his stay in Tampere.
Both of the cases that have come to police officials knowledge, the pattern has been the saHocine has been stalking outside of restaurants during closing hours and offered free car rides to drunken women.
Can the system do something to Hocine. Of course it can’t. Man gets free again, if sentenced, in less than a year and continues his actions same way as in Denmark and now in Finland.
This rapist will be harassing young girls and women for the rest of his life and no one can’t do a god damn thing about it.

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Suomi FInland

Words of Finnish current Prime Minister:
”Mutta kristillisiä arvoja kunnioittavassa sivistysvaltiossa ei kaikkia ulkomaalaisia leimata tämän takia, eikä hädänalaista jätetä pakkaseen kuolemaan. Autamme aidosti hädänalaista ja turvaa tarvitsevaa.”
”A civilized country that maintains christian values cannot mark all foreigners due to this (many asylum seekers are criminals) and it cannot leave people in distress in cold to die. We help those who need security.”
This means, of course, that, with gladness, we sacrifice our own citizens to the criminals. There are already many dead Finns cos there are cruel criminal material among the asylum seekers.
Who is such an idiot that votes for this kind of thinker?


If he were honest he should also have said:
”When helping these as(ylum)seekers: if some or many original citizens die and get robbed and raped, get their houses and cars burned, that’s not so serious. Sorry for that but it’s not the most important thing.”