Police continues investigations concerning two sexual crimes happened this Tuesday in Tampere, Finland 

Inner-Finlands police tells in its bulletin, that two sexual crimes happened at Kalkku’s and Tesoma’s districts in Tampere. Police is labeling Kalkku’s incident as attempt of a rape and Tesoma’s incident as a rape.

Police tells that victims have been heard and that they will continue with these hearings in near future. No one has been caught concerning these incidents. So far the information that police has, tells that these two incidents don’t relate. Children and adults living in these areas doesn’t need to worry. For example there is no need for car pools for children to go to schools. Police won’t release any more information at this point of investigations. More information will be released on Monday 8.4. at 10 o’clock
Pt-media’s sources tell that one of the victims is a 12-13 years old girl. Rape or its attempt happened outdoors and the victim didn’t knew the attacker. Attacker/rapist in at least one of these cases is said to be a foreign background.
-Juhani Berg

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