Batik-hex was sending flying kisses to afghan-rapist in the court room

Sayedamin Stanikzai, rapist, who will exiled for 10 years.

Swedish Anki Leifsdotter is probably exact prototype of so called batik-hex. One of the afghans living in her home have appeared in the court after two sexual misconducts.
The batik-hex was blowing kisses to this afghan-rapist.

Sayedamin Stanikzai, born 2001, couldn’t keep the dick in his pants on the 19th of April and 30th of December last year. On the second date he went all the way and was sentenced of rape. On the first date the happenings was construed as sexual harassment.
On the rape case Stanikzai managed to get in the victim’s room with an excuse and raped the girl. Girl was 14 years old at the time. On the sexual harassment case Stanikzai entered the victim’s room, then trying kissing the 13 years old girl and putting his hand to girl’s pants.
Sentence for these deeds was 5 months in juvenile institution and after that, deportation from Sweden.
Stanikzai’s exact age is unknown. Immigration officials hoisted the age upper after age tests to 18 years from 16 years that rapist’s ”Mother” claimed.
Actually this miserable story’s main character is Anki Leifsdotter. Batik-hex who boards at least three afghan toddlers at the moment in her home, at best there were five afghan youngsters staying in her home.
Leifsdotter is running a child caring house / alone coming youth’s orphanage with specializing in this afghans. She has been in main stream media’s pity articles for years.
In this ”news stories” tears are falling every single time because the afghan toddlers are being deported. The immigration office has misjudged the age of these children every time.
In the beginning of this decade she married one Africano, so she has experience from this continent. Couple divorced shortly after the husband got permanent residence permit in Sweden.
In this case the juvenile housing unit boards young girls too. They are Swedish. Leifsdotter tried on both occasions to underrate happenings and she told in hearings that these afghans youngsters were good friends with girls. They visited each others rooms frequently. Court saw things different way.
In the first incident the housing unit’s head mistress didn’t react with any way. Afghan continued living in the house like nothing’s happened. Then came out that there was knowledge of another previously happened sexual harassment case, but it didn’t lead to any investigations neither. After the rape things started happening.
Court’s transcripts indicts that Leifsdotter had hostile attitude towards the raped girl and her parents. Attitude towards the afghan toddlers was entirely different. Woman wanted to refuse to testify while girl’s family was present. Court didn’t play along with this motion. She was talking confused and gave mixed statements. Woman tried to talk of favoring these afghans. In court’s transcripts these comes out clearly.
During court’s recess Leifsdotter tried to approach Stanikzai, but guards stopped this.
At that moment Leifsdotter was blowing kisses to the rapist.

Leifsdotter’s afghan toddlers in the swimming hall. Wedding was celebrated few years a go. Divorce came shortly after the residence permit papers came through.

Batik-hex’s behavior is difficult to understand, but this kind of sympathy behavior is quite common among the asylum-activists. These ”refugees” are seen as victims and there are many little sluts around to lure these toddlers to harms way.
-Juhani Berg

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What the hell is



A typically middle aged woman with unrealistic ”hippie” (batik clothing) ideology. Typically unattractive in rhethorics, behavior and appearance, often fat (witch, hex, hexe ).
Optionally in extended context, a woman/feminine man who essentially is completely aligned with the former (Example: Stefan Löfven).


A.K.A. Batik-Eino (Grön) 😀