City of Kotka's master chef got 10 years and 4 months after manslaughter


Kymenlaakso’s District court sentenced Dahfer Al Bousalih, born 1977, to unconditional incarceration for 10 years and 4 months of manslaughter and breaking the grave peace.

This is the case of Kotka’s dismember killing. Al Bousalih killed his friend in Kotka, Finland on 26. 8.2018 in his appartment at Haltija-road. Al Bousalih had beaten and kicked the victim with intention to kill. And succeed on it.
After the deed Al Bousalih started to cut the carcass to pieces with saw and knife. Parts of the body were boiled in kettle and in oven. Al Bousalih had severed the flesh from the bones by boiling and after that grinned the bones to smaller pieces. After this man had packed the bones to small container plastic bags. He had seasoned them and stashed the bags in oven, freezer and in socle.
Al Bousalih told in interrogations, that he can’t read or write. In Finnish he can read little. He hasn’t been in school and he came to Finland in 2012.
Court found him guilty of the charges.
All and all the court’s ruling was horrible reading. Ali Bousalih told and described “how the redness of the flesh was visible when I severed the legs and arms from the body, there wasn’t any blood. Blood didn’t run from the shoulders or from the groin-area, when I cut off the limbs.”
Al Bousalih tells that he was a victim of some sort by himself. He claimed that the victim had illegal affairs with his daughter and wife. Ali’s honor was tarnished.
From his sentence he will be doing as a first timer chef of human parts only the half, 5 years and 2 months.
-Juhani Berg