Neo-Finn male nurse in courts charged of rape

Court of appeals in Helsinki confirmed last Friday the sentence given to Abdirisaq Ahmed Nur, born 1964. Neo-Finn was sentenced of rape to prison for 1 year and 9 months.

At the time of the deed (17.7.2015) rapist was working as a nurse in nursing home. The victim was 17 years old at that time and she worked in same place with Neo-Finn rapist as a summer help.
The incident started with the rapist asking the victim to come with him to the locker room. Girl went with him free-willingly. Racial stranger said that he wanted to talk with the summer help about work related matters.
Turned out that the matters were related to after work activities. Racial stranger escorted the victim to locker room’s toilet where he attacked the victim with sexual deeds. After the racial stranger had his fun, he just walked away from the toilet.
Rapist was blocking the door of the toilet with his body so the victim had no change of escaping. Girl told that she just froze when racial stranger was having his fun and that she could’t fight off the rapist. Girl has diagnosis of slight mental retardation, so the victim was defenseless to this rapist’s actions. Court decided that this was enough to break the girl’s will.
After the rape racial stranger was flirting with the victim at their work place, asking did she had fun the other day..
This case started to uncover when girl’s parents noticed girl acting different and that something had happened to the girl. Girl started to open her parents slowly telling what had happened to her. After this parents contacted the police officials.
On top of the prison sentence Abdirisaq Ahmed Nur was fined 4000 euros for reparation fees.
-Juhani Berg

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