Helsingborg's shootings, a victory for society

Helsingborg’s homicide targets deaths can be seen as some sort of a victory for society. These diseased scumbags were truly society’s lowlifes.

Men who became stiffs after catching bullets were 26 years old arabiano gangster Mohammad Ajine and 27 years old albanian gangster Besnik Frangu. They both have long criminal records in Sweden.
Where should we begin?
Rivers of blood have been following Ajine. Where ever he’ve touched, the corpses have been piling up. 2012 he was drawing around with three other neo-swedes.
They were high on cocaine, being wild and young. The quartet desided to run over one elderly person standing on the bus stop. 74 years old Ove Hansen died on his injuries.
When Hansen was driven over the neo-swedes fled the scene. Police catched the quartet later, but they were set free, because police couldn’t show who was driving the car, when they ran over Hansen. Ajine has been jailed as a suspect of a murder. 2017 one arabiano was shot dead. Ajine was arrested 2018 but was again set free, because prosecutor couldn’t gather enough evidences for legal action. This neo-swede has drug crimes, assaults, robberies, thefts and atleast one rape on his criminal history.
Ajine follows his father’s footsteps, he was same kind of gangster. Ajine was taken to custody some where around 2008 when he was sentenced of battery done together with his father.
Frangu has same kind of rapsheet. From drug crimes to robberies.
Ajine’s murder might be a revenge of happenings/murder dated back to 2017. Underworld is whispering, that this might be just basic cleaning that takes place every now and then.
These incidents will lead to other murders most likely. Targets and their lifes aren’t that important. Taxpayers will clean up the mess and pay the pill.
-Juhani Berg

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