Frantic start of the weekend: Shootings, bombs and stabbings

Frantic start of the weekend in Sweden once again. During last evening and night there has been stabbings, shootings and bombings.

Malmö had its share with concentrated grenade attacks. Time of this deed was at midnight. Restaurants facade was blasted in township of Värnhem. Restaurant’s structure took a big hit and it was badly damaged. All windows were blasted to pieces and interior decorating were destroyed.
Notable fact with this incident is that the restaurant was full of customers during the attack. One person was slightly injured and needed the hospital care.
Police was blocking the area for further inspections and searches. Whole building was evacuated because of the severe damages. Police are continuing the investigations.
No one has been caught for this attack.
Below is a small videoclip of the damages caused by this grenade attack.
[wpvideo CZ46z2gE] Firearms handling was practiced in Norrköpinging, shooting practises for live targets.
Around 10 pm the motions couldn’t be handled no more, so it was time for weaponry actions with pistols. Neo-swede youngster took several shots to his body and with that he was wounded life threatening way.
Right after this incident the city center had Shooting incident. Police are investigating these two incidents as whole. No suspects have been caught with this shooting either. Police is continuing investigations. Something has been impressed, what it is, it’s not told.
At 2.40 am took place a stabbing in Uppsala. One youngster felt what is it like to have cold steel punctured in body. Victim was hospitalized, the stabber went to have seriousness talks suspected of attempted murder.
Other wise all is well in Swedish kingdom.
-Juhani Berg

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