SVT: Stop having children, adopt third worlders instead

Swedish environmental activism has taken big leap recently, asylum activists has jumped on board with their approval. This phenomena was launched by neo-swede reporter, Kurdish Gurgîn Bakircioglu who’s working for state television.

Gurgîn Bakircioglu tells his opinion in SVT. Children are adorable, but environment friendly.
– From the environmental perspective, people having offspring must be condemned, Kurdish says.
Gurgîn Bakircioglu continues that childlessness can be the thing that solves environmental problems. Having normal style of family is not the only solution, it seems. Gurgîn Bakircioglu have sterilized himself for the sake of environment.
Some may agree with this kind of decision, but then this neo-swede drops a bomb which has asylum-activists singing high praises of gumbayah.
– People already born are much worthy comparing to the unborn. And if we are worried of lowering numbers of Europe’s population – then the migration is the perfect solution to balance the scales.
Kurdish tells that men of Europe need to be sterilized, so that the climate and environment problems can be solved and the whole world is saved. Import and adopt the the third world to Europe, there is the solution.
Naturally this kind point of view has received warm welcome amongst the asylum-activist groups. It’s a talking point on every one’s lips, but the final editing is under retrieval.
-Alfons Åberg