A swedish feelgood-story about trash recycling refugee

Östra Småland News writes a heart warming, feelgood-story of two Syrian brothers, Anasis and Ahmad Awad, who fled through eight countries to safety Sweden. Awad’s dream of becoming refugee in Sweden started when he was just a child.  He tells to ÖM news:

– I was 13 years old when I decided to start assort and recycle the trash in home.
I didn’t want to mix the trashes. It just didn’t feel right.
After this Awad found out about Sweden. The more he learned about the country, the more he wanted to travel there.
– I wanted to get in to country where I could feel good and recycle the trash.
Dream of coming to Sweden came reality when Awad got his draft notice from Syrian army.
– In Syria you must go to army when the draft notice comes, I didn’t want that.. I didn’t want to have a gun in my hand, Awad tells to Swedish news outlet.
So what does this trash recycler think of Sweden in general? You can read it from the next FB-post.
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Pictures of destroyed Sweden Democrats’s election campaign material

”This is really frightening and life threatening!
When I saw this post, I had a flashback from Syria. It started the same way over there, just with another name!!
When you vote for Sweden Democrats you give up of democracy and choose the dictatorship which runs over the democracy and freedom.
SD wants to revert friendly Swedish humane values. These values have been Sweden’s pride and joy. What would happen if all neo-swedes would leave from Sweden?
All those highly educated doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, teachers and college professors.
Those who came with their families and with their degrees haven’t paid a single krones to Sweden, they came here as adults and studied their degrees before they came to Sweden.
They’ve studied Swedish language, they work and pay taxes. They are part of the society, even that the native swedes have difficulties to find work.
Those people who are building Sweden have opposition against them, a political party which is doing everything to destroy this land. It makes you wonder.
What does it matter where people originally comes? What do the Sweden Democrats really want? Is this development good for Sweden?
Or is this the blind power that leads to dictatorship?”
-Alfons Åberg