Women having dozens of sexual relationships in refugee "children's" orphanages

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One beard-baby with his substitute mother.

Sweden is having a new interesting story to share with its Batik-hex/witch situation. About ten over 40 years old women were having sexual relationships with minors aged 16-18 years old in alone coming children’s housing unit in Borås.

Sverigeradio P4’s made a research which revealed about ten middle-aged women working in this housing units. Some were pointed even as guardians to these youths. These women started having sex with the children.
According SR there were about dozen incidents which were proven with revealed text message conversations and recorded phone calls. Some incidents were filmed too with cellphones. Many children have testified that the women in housing unit were eager to make contact with hugs and groping, these incidents led usually to the bedroom, where the most beautiful thing (sexual intercourse) happened.
On two incidents women were forced to leave their working place after these sex affairs came public.
(If you understand swedish, you should listen following clip from SR where the presenter of radioprogram gives chilling effect..) 
Quote from the SR ends.
These women are called batik-hexes/witches (=batikhäxa) in Sweden. The phenomen is quite common. There is closed groups in Facebook, where these women are sharing their experiences with each other about the alone coming children. Some of these witches are so happy with their situation that they can’t hide it.
This phenomen is one of the motives why the asylum-activism is so popular in certain circles.
-Alfons Åberg

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Freya Snow

These women should also be deported.