Sweden is having a record year 2019 through the ages, for the sake of family-uniting program


Immigration to Sweden is breaking records this year. Estimated 60 000 neo-swedes will be coming to Sweden this year alone, for the sake of family-uniting program.

Immigration officials released this Thursday a prediction, which indicates that Sweden will take 21000 asylum seekers this year. In 2020 there will be estimated 22 000 incomers. Rate and flow of refugees/ migrants will be staying the same until to year 2022.
Estimated 59 000 comers will be entering Sweden through the family-uniting program this year alone. This number is the same as medium sized Swedish city. The kinship in this program is defined the way that the person who has residence permit in Sweden, can have relatives to enter Sweden too. This means grandparents, siblings, children and possibly other close relatives, who are ”close”
Migration office predicts that 22 000 migrants will be coming thru family-uniting program during year 2020. After this the predictions rise year by year the way that the number is 44 000 in 2022.
When independent, self-acting refugee’s numbers have dropped to normal level, the level on which the migration is based in Sweden, the family-uniting program is keeping the migration numbers high. One important thing to keep in mind is the fact these numbers doesn’t include so called ”afghan-law”. With this the number will rise + – 10 000 persons.
All and all the estimated number is 230 000 persons in 2019-2022. This means that Sweden will be having with these migrants one new big city in upcoming years.
-Juhani Berg

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