Several imams caught as security threats, Asylum activists started a counter-demonstration

A couple of hundred moslems and counter-demonstrators gathered to protest in Gavle after hate preacher Abo Raad taken to preventive detention,

Sweden’s Islamic circles in turmoil since several imams have been sent to Retention of the Immigration Service. Abo Raad, known as “the Gävle imam” has been kept inside a full three weeks so far.

Swedish Security Service SÄPO has caught several hate preachers during the spring who are now waiting for the proceedings in the depths of the Department of Detention and Deportation of the Swedish Immigration Service. The most infamous of them is Abo Raad, known as “the Gävle imam”. Abo Raad has been preaching for a caliphate and sharia law in Sweden for a decade. In these sermons, killing of unbelievers and such has surfaced.
Abo Raad has also financed Isis’ activities in Syria and, for example, recruited young men to jihad. Knowing this, we can call Abo Raad an islamist of high caliber, whose every effort further improves the position of Islam in Sweden. Also Abo Raad’s son, in his thirties, has been detained.
In the beginning of May, an imam operative in Umeå was caught. There is not much publicly available information about this case, but according to newspaper “Västerbotten Kurir”, the imam in question is a 50 year old with close contact to Abo Raad. This Umeå imam has, even he, been transferred to Swedish Immigration Service’s in Marsta .
Also, in Vasteras there was an imam caught as recently as last Tuesday. SÄPO, Swedish Security Service commented this publicly as follows:
– It is the general duty of the Security Service to protect Sweden and Democracy. It is even within our jurisdiction to reduce the onset of violent extremism and during the spring, our Security Police has had several measures against separate actors, who were seen as having radicalized. One of the measures the Security Police can use is to take a person that is a security threat to preventive detention.
All in all, in addition to the four above mentioned, even two other imams have been caught that we know of.
To understand this all, one has to know that the Gävle mosque has been a far-away branch of Isis for decades. Even Västerås mosque and Gothenburg’s Bellevue mosque belong to this notorious threesome. All of these mosques have been under SÄPO’s wakeful eye as they have been targets of one crime suspicion after another. Mostly, these have been about financing terrorism and recruiting, but even incitement against a group of people.
It can hardly come as a surprise that Swedish moslems and Asylum activists are arranging a large demonstration against these detentions the coming Saturday and are demanding that the imams should be set free immediately. A couple of hundred demonstrants are to be expected to show up at Sergel’s torg in Stockholm.
Pt-media will be attempting to send live video from the demonstration.

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How stupid can an imam be – let alone people that follow them 🙂