A couple of hundred demonstrators in Stockholm against imprisonment of imams


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In Stockholm, a relaxed outing on Saturday, with an excellent forward tilt.
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Approximately 200 Muslims gathered to Stockholm’s Norrmalm market on Saturday to demand the release of Abo Raad, imprisoned by SÄPO. They were joined by some feminist party members.

During the spring, the Security Police has captured five radicalized Muslims, of which at least three are leading imams. The most famous of them is the Abo Raad of the Gävle Mosque, which has been in adverse wind several times, including suspicions that his mosque would have hired young people and funded terrorism.
The second captured person is Västerås Mosque Imam Fatri Hamad, and the third is the well-known Abdel-Nasser el Nadi, leader of the Stockholm Islamic Science School. In the last couple of years, this school has been constantly in the limelight because of major economic suspicions. The whole school management was sitting in pretrial detention last year. In this context, the same formula emerged; money was laundered and was used to fund the Syrian caliphate and Isis.
The interesting thing about the demonstration is that its head, Amer al-Hasani, himself has been convicted of 2017 terrorist offenses for 15 years, but the sentence was reduced to a few years. He was released from jail this spring. The reason for the verdict was that al-Hasani tried to join Isis, but something went wrong and the caliphate turned into a Swedish prison.
So there were a number of Muslims in Norrmalm Square who demanded the release of detained imams. The protesters toted some signs, which read, among others. “Stop Exiling our Imams” and “Stop Islamophobia”. Fully veiled women rocked the sign “Muslim freedom of religion is the subject of attack when the imams are persecuted and arrested“.

“Muslim freedom of religion is the subject of attack when the imams are persecuted and arrested”

“Stop Exiling Our Imams”, “We demand equality before the law.”
“Islamophobia is a threat to equality.”
“Where’s Muslims’ Freedom of Thought?”
“Where’s Muslims’ Freedom of Thought?”
The Gävle Mosque: “We demand justice and freedom for our imam.”
The protesters, on the other hand, made believe that the persecution of Muslims is systematic in Sweden. The media talked about how Muslims are struck by fear. “Anyone could be imprisoned”.
It is very noteworthy that all the imprisoned imams are well-known Isis supporters. Like the demonstrators themselves. No one is unclear what the name of the game is. Yet so many people took part in the demonstration that required their release. It is obvious that Isis has some support in Sweden. In many different media interviews it became clear that the protesters did not understand the arrests of the security police at any level. They were seen as persecution of Muslims.
On the basis of the statements made by the Security Police to the public, all five arrestees are suspected at some level of terrorist plans. It has not been reported whether there have been plans for future attacks in Sweden. However, it is probably that the gentlemen have been so much in the direction of Syria that now that the Caliphate has collapsed, perhaps the Imams would have been organizing Isis soldiers back to Sweden.
“We refuse to be second-class citizens.”

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It’s quite funny that muslim women who have basicly no rights in their own culture, and are forced to wear trash bags, are accusing swedish society of denying their freedon of opinion.