Swedish Transport Agency

Swedish Transport Agency (Trafikverket) has recently published a new instructional video on how to get a driving licence – in Arabic, of course, and subtitled in Swedish.

The film is called ”Yalla driving licence”. Some jokers have already turned it to a racist slogan: ”Yalla yalla, licence to all”.

The film is starred by Arababes Tahany and Mahmoud. Tahany is getting herself a driving licence. The film follows a lesson at a driving school, after which the teacher, as well Arabic speaking, instructs Tahany in matters related to acquiring a driving licence. She will also be learning to drive on slippery roads.

The film is made totally in Arabic, but the subtitles are in Swedish. The Transport Agency invests heavily in a neo-Swedes’ driver’s licenses. You should watch the movie even if you aren’t able to read the Swedish subtitles.


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    1. It’s probably just a misunderstanding – the driver was asked to ’come quickly’ so he thought that watching porno would be a great help.

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