Norway to press charges against everyone returning from IS


Some neo-norwegian isis terrorists… somewhere

Norway should have the most functional legislation in all the Nordic states regarding IS jihadists. According to Norwegian law, already being a member of IS is punishable. It is not necessary for the jihadist to have taken part in the killings themselves.

Magnus Ranstorp, a leading expert in terrorism in Sweden tells Norwegian Broadcasting Company NRK that Norway should bring home their IS women, whereas Sweden should not do that. Sweden has not got any preparedness to receive people who have been part of IS.
Norway has a well functioning legislation, according to which being a part of IS is a crime in itself.
Those Norwegian citizens that have been part of IS, will be coming under legal action and their children become subject to child protection measures.

According to Ranstorp, Sweden has no legislation regarding this kind of matter, nor do they have any system to guarantee the harmlessness of the returning citizens. This is why Sweden should not accept any people coming back from IS.
Up to date, Norway has successfully condemned at least eight people to imprisonment for several years for belonging to isis. Seven of the eight are neo-norwegians, of which on is from Poland, and finally one of Norwegian origin.
Ranstorp explains that imagining the women non-dangerous and victims is a misconception.
-The women are just as active as the men. Many women are extremely radicalized and have acted as cruel morality polices towards other women in the caliphate. They should, as a rule, be thought of as dangerous.


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