Oulu District Court, Finland: African got away with a lenient sentence for rape


Oulu district court published today Abdu Hamed Alin’s sentence, 1 year and 10 months in prison for rape.

The act was a very ordinary one: the victim and Ali, born 1994 were in the same apartment 1st July, 2017 when the woman went to bed. Ali raped the woman after she had fallen in deep sleep. The woman woke up during the deed, but Ali was so hard-handed it was impossible for her to protect herself against him.
Ali denied the rape, but according to the court, the act became proven and the accusation was rape. The man was sent to the province of Oulu to wait for the execution of the judgment.
As a first timer, Ali will sit half of his sentence, or 11 months. He was imprisoned in the beginning of 2019 so he will be freed by the end of this year.

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Suomi FInland

There is nothing wrong with people with the darker skin color. The things that matter are:
– the culture to which a person has grown up
– how a person is educated
– how the parents have raised their children
Obviously, the main problem with the humanitarian immigration is that we don’t know the people that are coming. Still everybody may roam among the regular people as they wish.
And there is no way to get rid of them afterwards. That is pissing me off!


Longer prison sentences would make it possible to kick out some of these perpetrators after they sit their time..


I wonder what that lawyer sitting next to the lowlife is thinking…


I have said this so many time before, and I will say it again: we will adapt culture.


Good slap on my face! Thanks, L! 🙂
To you other guys a bit of a hint…
If you want a smart girl to shut the fuck up, give her intellectual challenge.
Intellectual is what I told you. Try and understand.